Raleigh 1922 Front #09

Raleigh motorcycles used a few different style mudguards. This version is made to suit the 1922 model with approx 4” wide front and 5” wide rear C section guards. The front is fully valanced #V195 with a separate riveted skirt #S195. It includes two riveted brackets with the tail end bracket left over-length and un-drilled so it can be fitted to match your front stand. There is also a riveted reinforcing plate at the fork mounting point. The guard has a finished width of 4” with a fork relief pressing in to 3 1/2”.
Price as pictured AU$845 (+gst if applicable) #09RALFF-1

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Hi guys, Finally got a chance to trial fit the front and it looks great. James (Ireland) 11 July 2019