Indian 101 Scout Rear #55

This heavy weight American Indian 101 Scout rear fender suits some 1928 to 1934 models.  Earlier models also available with variations.  Other variants also suit Chief, Standard and Indian 4. The profile is common throughout with a finished width of 160mm (6+5/16") and depth of 49mm (1+15/16") with cut, shaped and folded ends.  Wiring cable slots and riveted nose stiffening plate for 101 and Chief are included.  Later model hinged fenders also available, although we don't yet have a source for the hinges.  If you know where we can get them, please let us know. We also make matching sidecar fenders with this same profile.
Price as pictured is AU$1043 (+gst if applicable).  #55INDRF-1
Price without riveted nose stiffening plate, wiring clip slots and riveted brackets AU$653 (+gst if applicable)
Price for 2-piece hinged rear guard with slots and stiffener but no hinge or brackets AU$848 #55INDRF-4

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