BSA Super Flash 1953 Rear #42

Copied from a good sample supplied by our client is this 1953 BSA fender or mudguard. The profile is a 5+3/4” wide C/D section. It is finished with spot welded cable clips and reinforcing tabs plus pressings for the regulator mounting and the rear chain guard clearance which also has a folded safety edge.
Price on application #42BSARF-1

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I had a small batch run by Vintage Steel in Western Australia. An original fender was sent as a pattern. They did an extremely nice job on this hard to find piece. BSA part number is 67-6861/3. Only 700 Super Flashes were built and this is for a Super Flash only. It has all the proper cut outs, wiring tabs and indentations. These were very expensive to make and my starting price is my cost per unit. I've supplied images of these installed on my own bike. Dan (USA) 09 July 2019