Triumph SD Front 1927 #27p

When presented with a great sample it can be easy to get the reproduction right, but we still verify the sample with a number of others. Here we have a 1927 Triumph SD valanced front mudguard which has had some additional rust ventilation. The heavy casting at the fork mounting guarantees the profile shape is unaffected by age, but if you want the rust holes, it may take us a while to get them right. This guard is finished at a whisker under 5” wide. The unvalanced Ricardo guards we have measured are of similar profile, but 5 3/8” wide. This 1927 SD front mudguard has a pressed and rolled nose, Panama Hat style rolled edges, full length valances and a riveted front bracket fitted through the valance .
Price as pictured AU$760 (+gst if applicable) #27PTRIFF-1

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