Indian Military 741 Rear Fender #50

Reproduction Indian 741 motorcycle rear fender or mudguard by Vintage Steel

We have had some sample mudguards ( fenders ) and a complete original 741 Indian in the workshop to copy for some time now. The finished fenders are fairly complex for a military model. The rear is a two-piece bolt together fender. It has a short straightened section with cutaway and pressing at the nose end for the chainguard with spot welded stiffeners included. It hurts to deliberately weld them crooked, but not one of the samples has all the stiffeners or fittings in exactly the same place, square or in line. The pictured fender is missing the small reinforcing squares at the clients request, to be added during fitting. The ill fitting brackets are welded in place with a gap between them and the fender just as all the original samples have.
The tail piece has a straightened section which is the hardest part of this fender to reproduce. The details in the tail piece stiffening appear to have changed in about 1943, both styles are shown in the pictures. The pre 43 examples of the stiffening for the tail-light mounts consisted of some rectangular strips spot welded across the fender blade. The later versions used a one piece perforated or large mesh insert rolled to the same compound curve as the fender. The 841 Indians used a similar perforated insert.
Price as pictured (1943 on) AU$1217 (+gst if applicable) #50INDRF-2 (captive nut cages not included)
Price (pre1943) AU$1197 (+gst if applicable) #50INDRF-1

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