BSA M20 / WM20 / M21 Front #30/34

BSA’s popular M20 and WM20 motorcycles were built throughout the WW2 period and beyond. Early models used the civilian style ribbed guard with duck-billed nose and pressed numberplate mounts as pictured here. As the war progressed, this design was simplified when firstly the number plate mounts were dropped, then later the rib was also deleted. These front mudguards are a 5” D section with rib.and a spot welded stiffener inside under the fork mounting. The rib is also pressed flat at the fork mounting and at the tail end where the stand clip sits. With minor variations can suit M21 and other M series models.
Price as pictured (no number plate mounts) AU$545 (+gst if applicable) #30BSAFF-3
Price with two number plate mount pressings AU$595 (+gst if applicable) #30BSAFF-4
Price with no rib AU$430 (+gst if applicable) #34BSAFF-1

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