14AUG2019 Hi Michael  The guard has arrived  thanks , f*@%  it’s a work of art mate  thank you so much I will have some photos for you  when I get the camera  working paul (NSW, Australia, BSA Round Tank)

14AUG2019 Good day micheal & andrew. …………. Ive finally got my mudguard out of customs about 10 days  ago. Thank you for your beautiful work. It looks great. It must very rewarding forming artwork like that from a blank piece of steel. I appreciate what you have done. I will spread nothing but the highest praise for your business. Thanks again. KELVIN (NZ 1914 Ariel)

07AUG2019 Hi Andrew & Michael, I received my mudguards and brackets in excellent condition. Your fenders fits very well. I'll refer your business any time. Thanks for all . Regards, Yvon (Canada, HotRod)

30JUL2019 (Essex) fenders are great quality delivery was prompt very happy with product and communications Charles (Canada)

28JUL2019 Thanks for the Panama style mudguard blanks for the racing SS100 I'm restoring. The blades arrived promptly and the workmanship is first class. They are now fitted and look the part. Highly recommended! Howard (UK)

16 Brough Superior Racer (8).jpg

15JUL2019 Received a beautiful  package today. Thanks Wes (USA)

12JUL2019 Hi Michael, I was going to use the old rear mudguard but I think since the front one and tail piece are both new and look considerably better I’ll have to get a new rear mudguard made as well...How much approx do you reckon this would be to make with internal strength member and frame mounting clips ect... I can send the original over to copy and of course the drawings will help! Regards Tim (Queensland)

11JUL2019 Hi guys, Finally got a chance to trial fit the front and it looks great. James (Ireland)

10JUL2019 Hello.  Your beautiful work has finally arrived.  Everything is ok, the packaging has withstood the journey.  It is really very beautiful.  As soon as I have installed it I will let you have pictures.  Thank you.  A masterpiece ... A true "work of art"! Well done. Yes, Australian Post sent me a link to track the shipment. Thanks again. Ciao, ninni Pisciotta. (Italy)

04JUL2019 Hi Michael,
The broadcast from Australia has arrived at my place. Thank you for the quick delivery. The fenders are perfect and it is a very good job. Now I can finish my Douglas in the original.
Greetings from Germany and thank you again. Ditmar Blumig (Germany)

03JUL2019 Morning Michael,
I stayed up late last night fitting a guard to see what it looks like, fits perfectly!
I’m really happy with your workmanship. Thanks, Barry Heatley (NSW)

11May2019 The workmanship, attention to detail, dedication and good customer service. The quality of their product speaks for itself. In short; simply the best!!! Dennis Grech (UK)

29APR2019: My name is Kevin Marks.    I am restoring a 1949 M.A.C Velocette motor bike.   I approached Vintage Steel about making a pair of  new mudguards after going  on their website.    As a result the quality of the product is absolutely exceptional regarding metal finish and contour.   This resulted in making them quite easy to fit to the frame.   The friendly service and the ease of dealing with the people was a pleasure and you get informed regularly of the manufacturing.   I would strongly recommend this company  to anybody who is in need  of any of their products. Thankyou Michael and Andrew. Regards Kevin                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Here’s a couple of comments about Vintage Steel on the Norton Motorcycles Facebook page, May 2019

“Very impressive work. The vintage Norton restoration community owes you a debt of gratitude.”

 “The boys make a great product.as good as any copy on the market. Buy with confidence guys”


29 Norton1948 M18 Front (5).JPG

·         found on the Douglas Motorcycle Forum: https://www.douglasmotorcycles.net/index.php?topic=6575.0

Re: Vintage Steel « Reply #5 on: 25 Feb 2018 at 14:53 »

Hi All
If you want mudguards that are made like the originals and fit out of the box, Vintage Steel are the guys that do it.
After a few emails and measuring the remains of the originals I placed an order for 2 pairs of guards for 1914 2 3/4.
2 weeks later they arrived, all i can say is, awesome, everything the correct size, the valences and belt guard all rolled on to the guards just like the originals, every thing the correct size
You get what you pay for, they are the highest quality.
I will be ordering for my veteran Triumph soon, they are the only manufacture I have found that rolls the edge bead correctly, round, not flat. 
P.S. UK buyers, don't forget the import duty (its worth the quality)
Chris (UK) Feb 2018

Chris Slade Douglas 65mm side 3inch front 3.25 inch rear  (3).JPG