We are manufacturers of the finest quality veteran, vintage and custom motorcycle mudguards and fenders.
Manufacturing since 2016 we have already sent mudguards and fenders to clients in Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, UK and USA


Enthusiasts making parts for enthusiasts.

Andrew and Michael are both active restorers and riders of veteran, vintage and classic bikes and also classic cars. Learn more in the About section.

Making guards and fenders for ABC Ace Acme Aermachi AJS AJW AMC AMF Anzani Ariel B&B Balmain Bat Bell BMW Bradbury Bridgestone Brough-Superior Brough Brown BSA Bucquet Bultaco Calthorpe Carbine Chater-Lea Clement Cleveland Clyno Cotton Coventry-Eagle Coventry-Victor Curtis Cyclone De-Dion DKW DOT Douglas Ducati Dunelt Eagle Elliot EmblemEnfield EWB Excelsior Fafnir Feilbach Flanders FN Francis-Barnett GCS Gilera Grindlay-Peerless Harley-Davidson Henderson Hercules Hesketh Hildebrand and Wolfmuller Honda Husqvarna HRD Humber Indian Invincible Iver-Johnson JAP James JAP Jawa Jefferson Kawasaki Lagonda Laverda Lea-Francis Levis Lewis Lightning-Bradley MacEvoy Mallee Marsh-Metz Martynside Matchless Merkel Miami Militaire Milwaukee Minerva Minneapolis Mondial Montgomery Moto-Martin Moto-Morini MV-Augusta MZ Neracar New-Hudson New-Imperial Nimbus NLG Norman Norton NSU NUT OEC OK-Supreme P&M Panther Peerless Peugeot Pierce-Arrow Pope Puch Quadrant Radco Raleigh Reading-Standard Regnis Rex Rex-Ame Riley Royal-Enfield Royal-Ruby Rudge Scott Sears Shaw Silk Singer Sopwith-ABC SOS Spacke Speedwell Stevens Sun Sunbeam Suzuki Thor Thiem Torpedo Triumph Turner Velocette Victor Villiers Vincent Wagner Wanderer Waratah WaverleyWerner Westlake White&Poppe Whiting Wilkinson Winchester Wolf Wooler Yale Yamaha Zenith etc.

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Aiming for perfect reproductions of rare mudguards and fenders is no easy task,

so researching many small details is where we spend much of our time.  Inside the Mudguards section are hundreds of detailed pictures of the results.


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Many of our restoration projects involve reproducing unobtainable parts.

Everything from casting, machining, welding, frame repairs, engine building and tuning are done in-house. Please Contact Us if you need help with finishing your project.