Great Feedback from Bermuda

FaceBook Post.
Details provided on this website by a fellow motorcyclist.
Today I Received my mudguards for the 1935 Triumph L2/1, which Vintage Steel out of Australia completed for me.
Talk about going the extra mile.....they knew someone who had an original 1935 L2/1 and asked them if they could take the mudguards off their motorcycle, and copy them for me, and also at the same time; now have a new product to sell on their website. I am truly thankful, and as well; impressed with the quality of work, and metal used to make them. In comparison to the Indian versions....I would say 1000% better, completed very quickly, professionally, and well packed......well impressed. See for yourself........Vintage Steel .....awesome job!!
Thanks again,

THANKS for the feedback Zach,  and a special thanks to Peter Lawson who loaned us is L2/1 Triumph to copy.