Great Feedback from the UK

Hello All,

I wish you all to know about the superb reproduction rear mudguard that has just been made for me by Vintage Steel in Australia (I am in the UK).

All I can say, is following my commissioning of the manufacture (why not the REC?) of a rear mudguard for my 1937 Sports Special. That their communication, speed off delivery and quality of workmanship is totally exceptional. Please see the photo of my mudguard against Roger Gilett's original mudguard (he kindly allowed me to take missing drawing measurements). Note the beautifully shaped "duck tail" end that has been superbly folded and rolled.

The Sports Special rear mudguard is exactly the same as the 37/39 Ulster rear mudguard, other than it has the addition of the two side panels for mounting the twin toolboxes, so they can also provide.

Please be assured that I have no other connection with Vintage Steel, other than being a very satisfied and impressed customer.

Their Web site is 


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