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Re: Vintage Steel « Reply #5 on: 25 Feb 2018 at 14:53 »

Hi All
If you want mudguards that are made like the originals and fit out of the box, Vintage Steel are the guys that do it.
After a few emails and measuring the remains of the originals I placed an order for 2 pairs of guards for 1914 2 3/4.
2 weeks later they arrived, all i can say is, awesome, everything the correct size, the valences and belt guard all rolled on to the guards just like the originals, every thing the correct size
You get what you pay for, they are the highest quality.
I will be ordering for my veteran Triumph soon, they are the only manufacture I have found that rolls the edge bead correctly, round, not flat. 
P.S. UK buyers, don't forget the import duty (its worth the quality)
Chris (UK) Feb 2018

Chris Slade Douglas 65mm side 3inch front 3.25 inch rear  (3).JPG